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The Principles of Vacation Home Management

Every vacation home management company should deliver cash, care, and communication. That means generating revenue, ensuring the care and long-term value of the home, and providing responsive, transparent customer service. Powered by HomeCraft and our team of industry professionals that consistently outperform the competition, the difference is not what we do - but how we do it.

An In-House Marketing Agency

InvitedHome has an in-house marketing agency of designers, copywriters, photographers, strategists, and digital marketers, all promoting your home. We list on the top 25 vacation rental websites in the world, reaching millions of potential guests.

There’s No Place Like Our Home... Page

We create enticing home listings directly through our website, which allow guests to experience homes in the most immersive ways possible, increasing bookings, and keeping quality guests returning time and again. Our team generates unparalleled search-optimized, digital home experiences with quality, professionally-staged photography and featured copy.

Custom Asset Management Plan Based on You

InvitedHome owners receive a custom Asset Management Plan tailored to their ownership goals. Based on these plans, HomeCraft accurately forecasts and shares expected revenue projections.

The Best Daily Rate: Responsive Rate Generation

Our team of revenue managers and data analyzers interpret HomeCraft’s revenue algorithm to post rates that change with market conditions. On average, each home has more than 500 different rates per year.

More Interest. More Bookings. More Revenue.

We make sure our homes achieve the highest rankings on all the sites on which we market them. HomeCraft’s Listing Optimization Process helps to ensure the highest site rankings for each of our homes. This results in 70% more inquiries than the competition.

HomeCraft Dashboard Transparency & Control

InvitedHomeowners enjoy all-hours access to their HomeCraft Dashboard to see exactly how their home is performing financially. The dashboard also reports on cleaning appointments, routine inspections, and maintenance calls, so you can always track its performance in real-time, anytime.

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