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You take great pride in your home ~ Let us take care of the rest

At InvitedHome, we are very process-driven. And when it comes to managing your home, that’s a great thing. Why wouldn’t it be? You’ve worked hard to acquire your perfect dream home and now is the time to reap all of the rewards associated with ownership, be that spending time creating unforgettable memories with your family and friends in a premier destination or maximizing your return on investment by sharing it with your appreciative guests. So go ahead. Sit back, relax, and allow InvitedHome to take care of the rest. You’ve certainly earned it - and here’s just how we’ll do it.

The Process

With just one signature ~ A set-up plan begins

Agreement - A simple signature from you begins the process. And perhaps best of all? Once the partnership agreement is in place, InvitedHome immediately heads to your home at no additional cost to you. Using a meticulous Work Order System powered by HomeCraft™, the Operations Team runs through a lengthy checklist that spares no detail when entering home features into the system. Think models and serial numbers, areas for improvement, on-site photography, unique details for our copywriters, health and safety inspections, housekeeping, keys, codes, sheets and towels, and you’ll have a good start.

Review - An overview of next steps takes place once a meeting with your main point of contact, your Homeowner Experience Specialist, is set. Once we’ve discussed any recommendations based on our various inventories and inspections, we’ll then introduce you to your new best friend: our purpose-built, homeowner dashboard within HomeCraft. This proprietary technology will be your portal into anything that’s happening with and around your home from this point forward, and thus your instant-access window into your high-end home’s activity.

Promotion - Every home has a unique story. And our Marketing Team wants to tell it right. In addition to providing them with all the home set-up details we’ve thoroughly gathered in the early stages of your onboarding, professional photography will then be uploaded. Captions will be written. A certain cachet to your home will be defined. One-of-a-kind characteristics will be accentuated. And a distribution and pricing plan will be created with your personalized projection in mind, while the promotion of your unparalleled home goes live just a matter of days after that.

Communication - Whether it is an InvitedHome guest or you and your loved ones staying in your homes, all occupants are treated to the same red carpet treatment. From pre-arrival communications to prompt departure inspections, the Guest and Homeowner Experience Teams literally take stock of the home so that it is perfectly presented the very same way when each and every new guest arrives. This, to continue on our theme, includes you and all of your staging preferences that will be documented in HomeCraft along the way. And rest assured, we will also promptly alert you of any items that need even the most minor repair.

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Keeping you informed ~ Keeping your home beautiful

Transparency is an important part of every process at InvitedHome. With our mobile-friendly HomeCraft technology, you’ll be able to track your home’s revenue month to month and year after year. Also within view? Proactive maintenance activities, regularly scheduled inspections of your unique inventory, as well as monthly balance statements that not only outline performance, but instill peace of mind as well. Because when you partner with InvitedHome, the onboarding process is seamless and the attention given to your home is endless. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Begin by talking with one of our high-touch team members at (855) 666-8064 today.

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