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Think about all of the people that pass through your home. From extended family members and dear friends to the babysitter from down the street that you’ve known her whole life - most of the time it’s people you tend to trust. As you should.

Now think about the next tier of potential guests that may pass through your home, even when you may not be there. People like the distant acquaintances who might stop over during an event in your home or the handyman confidently referred to by a close friend. That’s perhaps when you become slightly more apprehensive about the potential intentions of those you invite into your home. You tend to ask more questions. You open a dialogue. You look for some sort of inclination of trust, to give you the peace of mind you so desperately covet...and so rightfully deserve.

And when it comes to your vacation home and guests that you don’t know, it really should be no different. At InvitedHome, we pride ourselves on being very process-driven, but it’s really our people that drive the process. Our team members are carefully and astutely trained to vet any potential guests in your home, and always find the right fit based on our high standards – and yours. It certainly sounds like both a logical and strategic concept. But if you’ve ever partnered with another vacation property management company, you probably know that’s not always the case. What follows are just a few of the many steps you can always count on with InvitedHome.

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The Process

Getting to know each guest ~ With careful consideration

Online Inquiries - Right from the beginning, InvitedHome has established parameters and proven policies that will help ensure your home is always in good hands – and enjoyed by great people. From strict occupancy and age limits to special restrictions set for specific homes, all online inquiries are carefully reviewed based on customized standards created individually for your home to ensure no policies are violated. No pets? No problem. We’ll always work closely with you to personalize things like minimum stay requirements and maximum guests at your high-end property.

Telephone Follow-Up - We make a point to then get to know each guest and their objectives for their prospective vacation. And from time to time, our Vacation Consultants can instantly recognize red flags along the way. Should the booking inquiry indicate that an exceptionally large group of friends from a younger age group is hoping to book, the follow-up phone call will be geared towards exposing any potentially unruly intentions. Even local residents looking to rent is the same area can cause a concern with InvitedHome, and we always rather be cautiously suspicious than sorry in the long run.

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Arrival Communications - While our Reservations Team in our Support Center in Boulder does an excellent job of pre-screening prospective guests, our experienced local teams continue to exemplify InvitedHome’s high standards with clear operational instructions and guidelines upon the guest’s arrival. Thorough pre-arrival communication will prompt your guests to ask the right questions ahead of time...and thus be held accountable each and every time.

Departure Assessments - Of course, accidents do occasionally occur, and any necessary minor repairs or major incidents will be discovered in the meticulous post-departure inspection. InvitedHome will then clearly document such events and properly communicate them through the Homeowner Dashboard in HomeCraft™. In addition to always knowing exactly what your property management fees cover, you’ll now have an astute understanding of who will be responsible for the unexpected damages moving forward.

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The InvitedHome Difference
Proper screening & true transparency ~ Creates a trustworthy reputation

At InvitedHome, we go to great pains to accommodate all of our guests’ and homeowners’ wishes – and respect their neighbors and local community ordinances along the way. As such, finding the right home for the right guests - that’s also right for you, the homeowner - remains a top priority. By following these strict guidelines, you can always trust that when we change a guest’s booking from “pending” to “approved,” your home will still be in good hands. For additional information or to learn more, please call 844-550-1642 today.

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