The InvitedHome Showing Strategy

Show Your Client's Home While it's Renting

When your clients decide to sell their vacation homes while they’re actively renting, it’s often a major point of stress for the homeowner. Dealing with the shifting needs of rental guests, potential buyers, and your client can make it difficult to showcase the home when a potential buyer is ready to see it, and their fear of losing revenue is ever-present. We get that. 

That’s why we created the Showing Strategy, which was developed to address this specific pain point. Here’s how it works. If your client is with InvitedHome and puts their home on the market, we’ll amend or create a contract that ensures you can schedule a showing with as little as 24 hours’ notice. We’ll also handle all communication with guests and offer the following benefits:

  • Incentivize the guest with a 50% discount applied to the day of a showing to increase guest satisfaction, which in turn ensures your client’s revenue will continue to trend positively.
  • Allow our Reservation and Guest Experience teams to set clear expectations with your client’s guests, easing any friction that may arise between you and your client while improving their home’s presentation during showings. 
  • Empower our Operations team to coordinate with you directly to ensure that the potential buyer and your client’s guests have the best possible experience.

Realtor Frequently Asked Questions

How does the showing strategy benefit my client?

InvitedHome created the Showing Strategy to help you sell your client’s home while ensuring continuous rental revenue for them. The Showing Strategy sets expectations for all parties ahead of time, so that a potential buyer and your client’s guests all have a positive experience.

What are the details of the Showing Strategy?

The Showing Strategy offers your client’s guests a 50% discount on the nightly rate of any day on which a showing is scheduled, which encourages the guest to vacate the home and keep it in optimal shape for the showing. We are happy to offer any additional incentive to optimize the guest’s experience on your client’s behalf, should they choose to offer more.

Will the home be cleaned prior to every showing?

We are happy to offer a tidy-up service the morning of a showing or a mid-stay cleaning the day before. We will accommodate additional housekeeping services whenever we can, but we can’t guarantee that availability of housekeeping staff will always align with guest wishes and the amount of advanced notice we receive before a showing. Our teams want to make sure the home is spotless, and will typically need at least 72 hours' notice of a showing to accommodate a mid-stay cleaning or tidy-up. If the home is unoccupied, our team will do a walkthrough and turn on lights and fireplaces to help showcase the home.

How will the Showing Strategy be communicated to my client’s guests?

Your client is happiest with their vacation rental when there’s a steady stream of revenue and positive reviews, and both of these are a direct result of guest satisfaction. To this end, we’ll never surprise currently booked guests with an interruption during their stay. Our Reservations and Guest Services Teams will communicate with any future guests ahead of booking and during the showing process to ensure they know what to expect.

How do I put the Showing Strategy in place for my client’s home?

We have a very simple partnership agreement that outlines the relationship between InvitedHome, you, and your client. Please contact your region’s Real Estate Manager to start taking advantage of the benefits of offering your client the InvitedHome Showing Strategy today.

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