The Joy of the Vacationer

A Happy Guest ~ Leads to Many Happy Returns

A positive experience. That’s all any vacationer hopes to achieve when traveling with their family and friends. But how one defines what makes a vacation an uplifting adventure can vary from person to person. Luckily at InvitedHome, we aim to cover all of our bases. From guiding guests towards the perfect home based on group size and tastes, recommending worthy activities and experiences from our trusted partners, and ensuring exquisite surroundings and ambiance throughout our guests’ stay, we’ve got you covered. One of the best ways to attract return visitors to any home is to guarantee that a worry-free vacation awaits. What follows is just one example of how InvitedHome makes certain that it happens, each and every time.

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Honesty & Accuracy
A personalized marketing strategy is paramount to the successful promotion of your home. And accentuating its unique cachet brings integrity to InvitedHome’s efforts. The description of your high-end home should always match the elegant essence of the experience of staying there. That’s why we take great pride when we hear things like this from one of our guests: “The residence (Above It All) is very aptly named, as the views from its private perch were simply stunning,” said one visitor, “and delivered on the promise of having a modern touch and perfect views.”

But sometimes even our gorgeous and meticulously-orchestrated professional photography doesn’t do a home justice. “You can spend the whole day in the house, pool overlooking one vantage point and the hot tub overlooking another,” the guest proclaims. “You don’t feel the need to get out and experience things outside of the home.”

As such, “the home exceeded the photos.”

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Planning & Scheduling
The Guest Experience Specialist is “very helpful and responsive to all of our requests including recommendations for personal chefs and sailing companies,” said the guest. “The recommendation to sail with SB Sailing was spot on. We spent the afternoon on the Jenny Lane with Captain Dan and had a lovely sail around Santa Barbara.”

“She even went the extra mile and helped us arrange to have a little Easter surprise waiting for our boys upon our arrival on Easter Sunday,” he says with a smile.

But here at InvitedHome, we’ll be the first to admit things don’t always go as planned. “When there was an unexpected power outage throughout the neighborhood on the night we were to host 10 people for dinner, (the Guest Experience Specialist) was extremely responsive in finding out the nature of the outage and contacting the property manager,” he said. Luckily, “the neighborhood power was restored within a half hour and we were back in business without further issue.” As a result, the guests were quickly back to delighting in their little slice of serenity.

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Striking the Right Balance
Walking the fine line between respecting a guest’s privacy and being onsite for any necessary problem solving can often be challenge. At InvitedHome, we recognize the importance of toeing the line carefully and respectfully. Our in-depth training program addresses such issues and local team members not only know how to respond in a timely manner, but also when to keep their distance.  

“(The Destination Specialist) was always willing to jump in and help, but also allowed us privacy,” the appreciative guest adds. “She was appropriately available, and very professional.”

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Crafting Enduring Memories

Vacation emotions can run the gamut when traveling to amazing destinations like Santa Barbara, but one always seems to share a common refrain - no one wants the vacation to end. “Overall, we loved the style, comfort and location of this home and would certainly rent it again,” the guest says with confidence. “We were connected to the home...and felt at home right away.” And at InvitedHome, that’s certainly the type of return policy everyone enjoys. For additional information on how you can share the joys of your vacation home, please contact a Homeowner Experience team member at (855) 666-8064.

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