The Road Ahead for Tesla and InvitedHome

On Thursday, October 12, Tesla and InvitedHome worked together to put on an event in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, with a clear purpose: For two companies with similar clientele to come together, enjoy a night of elegance and innovation, and share their knowledge about what lies ahead in the automotive and hospitality industries.

Santa Barbara proved to be a perfect setting, and not only for the amazing weather and beautiful home. The companies discovered that many current and prospective Tesla owners also have vacation homes in the Santa Barbara area. By realizing the breadth of these joint clients, the companies now hope to host more events together in locations around the country, where they expect to share clients in the same way they do in Santa Barbara.

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Wendy Purvey, CMO at InvitedHome, noted that the shared client base and new partnership will help Tesla and InvitedHome maintain their laser-sharp focus on the client experience.

“This event brought together like-minded companies with like-minded clients, in an effort to offer the best possible service,” she said.

“If you think about somebody’s wants and needs regarding cars and homes, we’re putting together a partnership that takes care of all of their desires or assets. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue to share this template in all of our markets where Tesla is serving.”

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The event was held at the exquisite Villa Chaparral --a 4,732-square-foot home on a four-acre French country estate near the region’s wine country. The backdrop was a testament to the quality of homes in InvitedHome’s expanding portfolio, and showcased everything that makes InvitedHome’s properties truly unique.

“Our home was at its best,” Wendy added. “All the windows and doors were open, and it was perfect for holding a large number of people, with comfortable sitting areas for conversation. This Spanish Mediterranean home is one example of how someone can truly experience the charm of old Santa Barbara.” 

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All told, more than 70 homeowners, real estate agents, and Tesla enthusiasts gathered to enjoy the party. Adding to the evening’s elegance were three Teslas parked in the circle driveway and lawn within the gates of the fine home. Attendees were thrilled to take the machines for test rides, where they learned first-hand what it feels like to go 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. The Tesla Model X, a full-size, all-electric crossover SUV, turned heads at the event, as did the Model S P100D -- the fastest-accelerating four-door production sedan ever made.

Thanks to Tesla, InvitedHome, and all the homeowners and real estate agents who came out to Villa Chaparral, the event was an enormous success, and left both companies excited for further partnerships in the future.

For anyone interested in renting this home, please check it out here.

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