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VRBO vs. Airbnb

We break down the differences between renting your home on VRBO and Airbnb, including the different fees you'll pay, how booking works, and more.


Each choosing a slightly different business model, these three property management companies offer different levels of services at different price points. Learn more about them here.

18 Ways to Increase Vacation Rental Bookings and Profits in 2018

We put together a list of 18 ways we're helping our homeowners earn more rental revenue, so you can feel the joy of owning a vacation rental, too. 

10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Vacation Rental Manager

If you're shopping around for a vacation rental management company, don't make your final decision until you've asked these 10 questions on fee structures, cleaning, employees, the guest experience, and more

How Much Do Vacation Rentals Make?

What you can generate from your vacation rental depends on dozens of factors. We list several of them here, so you can learn exactly how much your vacation rental could make in your specific destination. 

What are the best vacation rental listing sites?

In this post, we cover which listing sites are best for your vacation home (Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.), where you should never list your rental, and everything in between. 

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VRBO Vail: How to Run a Wildly Successful Colorado Vacation Rental

An overview of what it takes to run a Vail VRBO property


13 Sites Like Airbnb for Vacation Rental Owners

Look through all your options for listing your vacation rental.


Owning a Vacation Rental in Maui

The permitting process, unexpected costs, projected ROI, and more

UPDATED 7/9/2018

How to Avoid Losing Your South Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Permit

We're developing solutions to ensure our South Lake Tahoe owners never lose their VHR permits.

Taxes in Nevada vs California, and How They Affect Your Vacation Rental

Why Investing in a Vacation Home in Nevada May be a Better Option Than California

Vacation Rental Property Management Fees: What's Hidden Inside Them?

If you're paying extra for any of these 10 items, it may be time to look into switching property managers