Emerald Coast Neighborhoods

A little slice of paradise ~ One unique community at a time

With a quiet ambiance as serene as the surrounding landscape is loud with color, the Emerald Coast is home to secluded villages and bustling communities that are ideal destinations for a high-end vacation home. Situated in individual hamlets near the beautiful, pristine white beaches along scenic Highway 30A are joy-filled personalities that take the shape of homes, shops, and restaurants.

Our Top 3 Neighborhoods on 30A:

1. Inlet Beach: This community’s placement right between the Eastern end of 30A, Rosemary Beach, and the Gulf Coast practically ensures you’ll be mere steps away from the beach. It’s still growing, as well, so if you can’t find your dream home, you can still build it here.
2. Rosemary Beach: You can’t beat this classic community, and rental guests flock year-in and year-out to enjoy the community amenities, exclusive beach access, and adorable downtown.
3. Seaside: The delightful beachy-chic vibe of Seaside along with some of the best restaurants on 30A (we’re looking at you, Great Southern Cafe) makes this a deservingly ever-popular spot for families.

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Want to take a deeper dive into the neighborhoods that make 30A such a popular destination? Take a quick trip down the bike path with us - about 24 miles from west to east - to discover which neighborhood  on the Emerald Coast offers the best in real estate and might be the best for you and your treasured vacation rental.

Gulf Place - Our journey along the Emerald Coast begins in the westernmost community of Gulf Place. Still considered a relatively new community, you’ll find a wide variety of real estate options in the area including condominiums, single-family homes, and even some undeveloped land on which to build your dream home. Gulf Place town center is home to creative restaurants, boutiques, and recreational rental shops Gulf Place offers a great public beach access point as well.

Blue Mountain Beach - Just outside of Grayton Beach State Park, this quiet little Emerald Coast neighborhood is great place to escape from it all. Named for the native flowers that cover its rolling hills each year, Blue Mountain Beach is one of the highest elevation points on the Emerald Coast. Blue Mountain properties can range from quaint seaside cottages and upscale condos to secluded estates hidden from view. Just down the road you’ll find a handful of cash-only restaurants, a signature feature of this laid-back area.

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Grayton Beach - Filled with both historic Florida cottages and newer, more modern homes both of the large and small variety, Grayton Beach has an authentic  cachet popular with the beach-going crowd. And with its sweeping natural landscapes and eclectic architectural style, it remains quite a favorable wedding location as well. Grayton has held tight onto its beachy culture, with a relaxed vibe perfluent amongst the area’s restaurants and shops. The best part however? Purchasing property here means you can bring your 4-wheeler, as it is the only local beach permitted for motorized vehicles.

WaterColor Beach - A family-friendly, planned resort community featuring a ton of green space, WaterColor is where you’ll find a wide variety of single-family homes near several community pools, excellent shopping and delicious restaurants. It is also close to Western Lake, should the refreshing Gulf waters or the multiple community pools not quite match your style. Just remember to bring or rent a bike, as that is the preferred method of transportation around here.

Seaside Beach - A leader in the New Urbanism movement, this pedestrian-friendly community is a sight to behold from the moment Central Square comes into view. Enjoy al fresco dining at any of the amazing restaurants in this community, as there are countless options. Stroll along the open-air food truck market and deeper into the neighborhood to see the homes and cottages along the brick-lined streets of Seaside. Or you could just watch the “The Truman Show, ” as many of the film’s scenes were filmed right here.

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Seagrove Beach - Seagrove is the perfect spot to land for fishing and paddling enthusiasts, as it is home to two of the Emerald Coast’s rare dune lakes. With plenty of beachfront homes and high-rise condominiums, amenities like community pools and beach access are usually no more than just a block or two away. A quiet neighborhood with a laidback vibe, Seagrove real estate is ideal for families looking to come back to a familiar setting year after year.  

WaterSound Beach - A gated community, WaterSound is home to the area’s least populated beaches, aided by the fact that it extends for several miles and is dissected into several micro-communities including West Beach, Peninsula, and the central WaterSound Beach. And that’s just the way homeowners and renters here  like it. You can enjoy a quiet, leisurely stroll along the boardwalk winding through the sandy dunes of West Beach or play a round of putt-putt on the community course. Choose from high-end condos, classic cottages or signature single-family homes, because WaterSound is home to them all.

Alys Beach - With its unique European style borrowed from the coasts of the Mediterranean, Alys Beach is an upscale planned community filled with exquisite bliss. Amenities abound in this neighborhood, complete with an infinity pool, tennis courts, and an outdoor amphitheater. If you’re looking for more spacious properties featuring open-air courtyards and roof decks with sweeping views of the breaktaking landscape below, head here first. If you’re looking to maximize your rental revenue, though, do consider that the community of Alys Beach has strict rental restrictions.

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Seacrest Beach - Get your sealegs back, as this is the last community on our trek along 30A from West to East with the word “sea” in its name. Seacrest is tucked quietly in between its more lively neighbors to the east and west, which makes it an ideal setting for families. The 12,000 square-foot lagoon pool and less-crowded beach always helps, too. Featuring lots of single-family homes and centrally-located luxurious condominiums, the area is perfect for vacation property seekers looking for more privacy, while still being within walking distance to all the Emerald Coast has to offer.

Rosemary Beach - Some might call Rosemary Beach the de facto capital of the Emerald Coast - and with good reason. Every pedestrian’s dream, the streets are lined with interesting dining and shopping options, community parks and pools, fitness activities, and an unforgettable private-access beach. With more than 100 acres of home-filled land spanning the entire community, you should have no problem finding the Rosemary Beach vacation home you both desire and deserve.

Inlet Beach - Our tour of the neighborhoods along 30a comes to an end in Inlet Beach. Luckily for you, that could be where many great memories begin. Located next to South Walton’s largest coastal dune lake, Lake Powell, a solemn walk around these quiet parts does the soul good. And with many older and newer Gulf and dune-front properties from which to choose, it’s an imaginative area to call your home away from home.

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Homeownership on the Emerald Coast

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