Where to buy a Vacation Home in Jackson Hole

Thinking of purchasing in the area? ~ Think of these communities first

Those of us who have visited Jackson Hole, Wyoming, tend to share at least one thing in common: an instant connection. Something about the aura of the area enraptures your very being, and instantly fills you with a previously unfamiliar level of delight. It’s why we return time and time again, and why many of us unabashedly choose Jackson Hole as the perfect, all-season place to secure a second home.

Of course, we are not alone. With a year-round population hovering around 10,000 people in Jackson, and double that for Teton County in general, the allure of the active, majestic and elegant community of Jackson Hole sees the population swell in peak tourist seasons - by about 5,000 in the winter months, and to more than 50,000 in the warmer ones. This makes homeownership in tax-friendly Jackson Hole not only a wise investment for your future, but a lucrative one in the present as well.

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Choosing a Location

For the most long-term rewards ~ Look to the short-term developments

Most vacation homeowners are familiar with the concept of communities and states that require a 30-day minimum stay. And a good majority of Jackson Hole falls under such jurisdiction. But not all. Many fall in accordance with planned unit development (PUD) approval, and as such, are allowed to continue to operate as a rental unit on a short-term basis, worry-free. So to help streamline your search for the ideal Jackson Hole vacation home, we’ve assembled those neighborhoods in compliance for you right here that will maximize your future property’s performance...and be your latest prosperous venture.

1. Teton Village - Probably the most diverse of all the developments in which short-term rentals are allowed, here, you’ll find a wide array of single-family homes, condos, and townhomes tucked gently in between the grand Teton Mountains and the vast prairie plains below. And with convenient access to the ski resort in the winter and the festival and concert seasons in the summer, this popular community on the mountain is the perfect homeownership spot for all-season joy.

2. Shooting Star - On the south side of Teton Village, you’ll find an outdoorsman’s paradise in the private golf community of Shooting Star. With more than 85 home sites total, these single-family cabins deliver on all the extras like access to its Tom Fazio-designed golf course, award-worthy trout fishing, and various club amenities including a pool and fitness center. Just don’t let the word “cabin” fool you. This is high-end living, when nothing but the utmost in excellence will do.

3. Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis - Created and owned by Vail Resorts, just 3 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from downtown Jackson, the varied cabins and single-family homes are a guest’s dream if convenience is part of their agenda. You’ll delight in it too, as this area is by far the closest to the airport of all the neighborhoods that allow short-term rentals. Perfect for popping in for a quick winter weekend on the slopes, a couple of rounds on the LEED-certified golf course in the summer, or a jaunt to one of the closeby national parks in between.

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4. The Aspens - Located on the West Bank adjacent to Teton Pines golf course and close to the Village proper, The Aspens operates just like a town, complete with a tiny commercial area filled with little shops and restaurants. With both condos and single-family homes available, the draw to this area are the beautiful views of the Teton Range, as well as owners looking for more traditional vacation homes with access to everything.

5. Teton Pines - Home to ownership opportunities aplenty with its bevy of townhomes, cluster homes, garden homes and high-end estates, Teton Pines is a section on Moose-Wilson Road between Wilson and Teton Village. The attractions to this community are its central location, Arnold Palmer-designed golf course, and a large portion falling within the short-term rental permission district. However, we do recommend you consult with your realtor ahead of time to ensure your desired property falls within the short-term rental limits of this community.

6. Amangani/Spring Creek Ranch - Those who prefer a bit of privacy should head to Middle Valley, where some of the best views can be had from Spring Creek Ranch. Located just 10 minutes from the town of Jackson and on a wildlife sanctuary nearly 1,000 feet above the valley floor, it’s home to a wide variety of homes that can easily double as short-term rentals. Choose from signature condos or some of the area’s larger single-family homes, and you’ll be setting your sights on one-of-a-kind natural beauty that’s second to none.

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Homeownership in Jackson Hole

You have a dream ~ Now make it come true

There’s no more enduring pleasure than owning your own vacation home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And with its nearby resorts, rivers, ranges and national parks, there’s no other place quite like it. Now that you know the best neighborhoods for short-term rentals in Jackson Hole, ask your local realtor to help you find the best one for you. Should you also need help finding a trustworthy realtor, well, InvitedHome can help with that too. Just give us a call at 855-666-8064, and we’ll be happy to share our recommendations.

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