September Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Mitch in Boulder

Let's Celebrate ~ Mitch's Birthday

This September, we’re excited to wish Mitch a very happy birthday!

Mitch is our Junior IT Administrator and he works in the Support Center in Boulder. He joined the InvitedHome team three months ago after moving from St. Louis to Colorado.

His favorite project thus far has been setting up the new hardware in the Rocky Mountain conference room at the Support Center. However, he gets pretty darn excited about any new hardware or software projects, and he’s very fired up about installing Addigy, which will give him the ability to remotely troubleshoot Mac computers across the company - anywhere, anytime.

Aside from the technical aspects of his role, Mitch is very excited to be working with his InvitedHome teammates. Compared to other companies he has worked for, Mitch says the people at InvitedHome are amazing and he couldn’t have asked for a better team. Everyone’s commitment to producing quality and getting things done the “right way” has really impressed him thus far.

Mitch’s favorite vacation memories come from family reunions in Telluride. His aunt and uncle have a “cabin” there and they host the reunions every five years or so, with t-shirts and videographers to really take it up a notch! He loves watching his “farmer family” live it up in luxury with the rest of Telluride.

As much as he loves Telluride, his 5-year plan includes trips to Patagonia and Glacier National Park. And he’d love to visit our homes in Tahoe with a side-trip to the Pacific Ocean, which he’s never seen in person!

Happy birthday, Mitch! We’re pumped to have you aboard and making a difference already!

Here's a photo of Mitch in El Dorado Canyon, one of his favorite places in the Front Range.

And A Little More Celebration

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Birthdays

  • Wendy | Chief Marketing Office ~ Central Support Center
  • Patrick | Director of Human Resources ~ Central Support Center
  • Amber | Hospitality Services Specialist ~ Emerald Coast
  • Hannah | Hospitality Services Specialist ~ Emerald Coast

Michael in Florida

Let's Celebrate ~ Michaels 1st InvitedHome Anniversary

On September 9th, Michael celebrated his 1-year anniversary with InvitedHome!

Michael works with us in Tahoe as a Maintenance Tech and he says the truly loves his job. Especially when he’s working in his favorite home (Meeks Bay), he says it doesn’t feel like work. He loves meeting new people and helping them have a better experience with InvitedHome. He really buys into the luxury-level of support we provide and doesn’t think any other vacation-rental company in Tahoe comes close to InvitedHome.

Over his first year with InvitedHome, Michael has really enjoyed taking the initiative on making things happen - like installing a railing around the hot tub at Meeks Bay to alleviate the owner's safety concerns. He has worked hard to prove himself over the last 12 months and is proud to have earned a full-time role with us.

Michael discovered Tahoe on a road trip with his girlfriend. They stopped in the area for less than 12 hours, but as soon as he got home to Michigan, Michael started looking for jobs in the Tahoe area.

As a snowboarder, he loved the epic winter they had in Tahoe last year, but he’s not sitting on the couch this summer either! He bought a map of hiking trails and has been checking each route off one by one.

If you visit the area, he’d highly recommend an adventure to the Angora Lakes where you can get an adrenaline rush from cliff jumping into the water from as high as 60 feet! After the hike, you can reward yourself with fish tacos from the Classic Cue or a burger from the California Burger Company, two of Michael’s favorite restaurants.

Thanks for all your hard work this past year, Michael! We’re honored to have you on the team!

Here's a photo of Michael on a camping trip with some high school friends in Yosemite. They were able to find a rock to jump off of into that swimming hole. Nothing like getting splashed with cold mountain runoff from a 500ft waterfall!