Lake Tahoe Beaches

The Ultimate ~ Tahoe Beach Guide

The Lake

Discover ~ One of The Nation’s Most Majestic Lakes

If you’ve ever been to Lake Tahoe, you already know how deceivingly large it seems. And the beach options you’re presented with are no different. So in order to help you have the most fun in the sun and sand during your next (or first) trip, we chose to showcase our idea of the top 10 best beaches all around one of the nation’s most majestic lakes. We’ve chosen 5 North Lake Tahoe beaches and 5 South Lake Tahoe beaches so that, no matter where you stay, you’ll know ahead of time the right Tahoe beach in which to spend those warm, sunny days with your family. Have a look!

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North Lake Tahoe Beaches

We’ve chosen ~ 5 Must Visit North Lake Beaches

Chimney Beach

Here Lies ~ A Secluded, Hiker's Paradise

Just a couple of miles south of Sand Harbor lies a secluded, hiker’s paradise. You’ll have to walk a scenic trail amongst the trees to get to Chimney Beach, with glimpses of the lake and beach beckoning you all along the way. But once you’re there, feel free to rejoice. Play a game of fetch with your canine pal (it’s dog friendly) and take off those shoes to experience the sand, firsthand. A little word of warning however, should you have the kids in tow: Secret Cove, just a little bit south of this North Lake Tahoe beach, is clothing optional.

King's Beach

The larges beach in north lake ~ sporting 700 feet of shoreline

The largest public beach on the shores of North Lake Tahoe, with nearly 700 feet of shoreline, King’s Beach is where you go to be seen in the sun and enjoy a variety of watersports activities as wide as the beach itself. The more adventurous types will love the option to parasail or rent a Sea-Doo™. Those looking for something less strenuous can take out a stand-up paddleboard or kayak. And for a more family friendly activity, there are also personal watercraft rentals, private lake tours, or the option to just plop down on the sand and finish that riveting book you’ve been reading. This is also one of the other rare dog friendly beaches in the North Lake Tahoe area.

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Moon Dunes Beach

The Beach Basics ~ And a Little Privacy Too

If you’re after just the beach basics (and a little privacy too), head to Moon Dunes Beach in Tahoe Vista. The are no facilities. No permanent bathrooms. There’s very limited parking. But what you will find is some of the most pristine white sand anywhere around the lake. When you want to get away from your getaway, you can’t do much better than spending a day here. And if you’re a fisherman, here’s a tip: the shoreline drops off almost immediately to the west at Rubicon Point and Cave Rock on the east side of the beach.

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Sand Harbor

Something For Everyone ~ At This 55-Acre State Park

There’s something for every member of your family or group at this 55-acre, designated state park. Hike any of its scenic trails, rocky coves, or brilliantly green paths within the adjacent forest. Take to the water by launching your boat from any of the convenient docks. Participate in a nature study, or if you’re visiting in July or August, we recommend taking in a play at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. You won’t find a better backdrop for a performance. And of course, all this activity will work up your appetite. Grab a sandwich at the local cafe, some snacks at the general store, and then head to the picnic area. There are even BBQ grills available should you want to cook something up yourself.

Tahoe Vista Recreation Area

Perfect Place To Get A New Perspective ~ Of The Lake

Long a local favorite in North Lake Tahoe for its conveniently shaded boat launch and rental facilities, this beach area is also a great family destination. All the basics and then some can be found here. Consisting of more than 800 feet of lakeshore sand, this is the perfect place to get a new perspective of the lake itself. Spend the day exploring the plaza. Hit the trails for a guided tour or the high seas with your watercraft of choice from Tahoe Adventure Company. There’s even an area for your next public or private special event! And of course, boardwalks and sidewalks will easily guide you to the water. But do get there early. There’s a reason it’s so popular, and parking fills up fast.

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South Lake Tahoe

InvitedHome's Top 5 ~ Favorite Beaches On The Southside

Baldwin Beach

When Surrounded By Locals ~ You’re In The Right Spot

How does that old saying go? When you find yourself surrounded by locals, you know you’re in the right spot. Perfect for families of all sizes, this South Lake Tahoe beach is less crowded than other area public ones, but no less fun. Choose from a plethora of rental options like canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding or windsurfing, or just enjoy the panoramic views from your place in the sand. Parking is limited however. Try to get there before 11am if you can.

Camp Richardson Resort Beach

Accommodating ~ All Interests

What do you want to do today? Chances are, Camp Richardson can accommodate your interests. All year round. You can explore the lake in the rental watercraft of your choice here of course. But if it’s just the beach you seek, families love the safety of the roped-off swimming area, and the abundance of restrooms, picnic tables, and BBQ grills. Don’t feel like cooking yourself? Head over to The Beacon Bar and Grill. It’s a spacious restaurant with a vibrant outdoor deck for that al fresco experience you covet on your beach vacation. And on summer weekends, you can even catch some live music.

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Kiva Beach

The Hidden Gem ~ Of South Lake Beaches 

Kiva Beach is often considered the hidden gem of South Lake Tahoe beaches. It can be hard to find. But once you do, you’ll be rewarded with incredible mountain views that even your best friend will notice (it’s one of the few dog friendly beaches in the south part of the lake). It also happens to be one of the rare beaches that offers free parking. But while there are paved pathways to the sand, it can be a little rocky at first once you get there. So don’t ditch the shoes quite yet.

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Lakeview Commons

The Best Spot ~ For Hot Summer Nights

If you’re coming to this beachfront area on a summer night, you’re coming on a Thursday evening for sure. Check out the Lakeview Summer Concert Series and plan accordingly. But days are no slouch either in these parts. It’s also a great place for BBQs and picnics, and to rent that water vessel to maximize your scenic views.

Round Hill Pines Beach Resort

Round Hill Pines ~ Makes Everyone Happy

Does everyone in your family want to do something different? Head to Round Hill Pines and make everyone happy. This resort area offers a heated swimming pool, barbecues, a deli & bar, beach volleyball and a cornucopia of boat and jet-ski rentals, lake cruises, parasailing adventures, pedal boat excursions, and more. Be sure to take advantage of the water taxi running daily to and from Camp Richardson Resort & Marina. Because after all, you’re on vacation.

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