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Survey it all on the water ~ Or seek solace in the woods

As a Lake Tahoe rental manager, one of the great things InvitedHome loves about South Lake Tahoe neighborhoods is that they tend to blend into one another, providing a seamless flow from community to community. While some homes may feel quite remote, the square mileage of the area is actually rather small, meaning you’re never far from any activity you choose. So whether you’re looking for secluded South Lake Tahoe cabins, an accessible sprawling golf estate or prefer ownership on a lakeside retreat, you and your short-term rental guests will always be just a short drive from your favorite leisurely pursuits. These include the bustling nightlife, the sun-soaked beach, lively winter sports or simply the scenic bliss that homeownership in South Lake Tahoe always provides.

Choosing a Location

A second-home strategy ~ Of short-term Lake Tahoe vacation rental properties

Let’s start by covering a few basics you will need to know. And the first one you should put into practice is patience.

Within South Lake Tahoe, there are both City and County permitting systems for short-term rentals. Within the last couple of years, obtaining a vacation rental permit within the city has become quite difficult. But to maximize your return on investment, putting a little time into the seemingly drawn-out process can mean greater revenue in the long run. Once you go through the initial application and inspection process, the city notifies the community and a zoning hearing is set. Based on that zoning hearing, the permit can be approved or denied. Again, it’s a process.

Since the city’s inspection approval can only be given after you’ve ensured your home checks off every box on the inspection list and there’s typically a backup in the zoning hearing schedule, months can be added to the time it takes to get those rentals flooding in. There are also occupancy restrictions based on the number of paved parking spaces and bedrooms, and strict noise ordinances that can result in thousands of dollars in fines, so hiring an especially capable Lake Tahoe vacation rental management company is crucial to help guide you through the process. It may sound tedious, but don’t be discouraged. Owning in the city of South Lake Tahoe can be extremely rewarding, since it’s a favorite of rental guests traveling far and wide. Now Let’s get to the fun part - here are some of the best areas for buying vacation homes in South Lake Tahoe.

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South Lake Tahoe, California

While the county may be big, there are specific areas in South Lake Tahoe that attract more short-term rentals - and those are usually right on or near the lake itself. Camp Richardson is a grand outdoor recreation area that remains the main attraction year-round with its waterfront activities, casual resort amenities, and on-site dining and entertainment options, so homes in the immediately surrounding area tend to be family favorites. Running adjacent to the main artery into South Lake Tahoe from the South (Lake Tahoe Boulevard), nearby Pioneer trail is home to appealing neighborhoods that feature smaller cabins as well as much larger estates. The larger, the better, as far as rental potential goes. And for those looking for a more active South Lake Tahoe homeownership and rental experience, head to Heavenly Mountain, where you’ll find most homes are just minutes from the casinos in Stateline or to the tree-lined hiking trails that may be just off the beaten path, but are never far from the lake.

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Tahoe Keys, California

Waterfront living at its finest, high-end Tahoe Keys vacation rentals are both prestigious and prime pieces of real estate to own and rent. Although technically a part of the City of South Lake Tahoe, the area is an incorporated neighborhood all its own. Most properties in this private marina-centric community include a private dock, with homes either right on the canal or part of the lagoon. This of course is a major attraction for potential guests, as is the ability for them to pay a small extra fee for access to the community’s clubhouse and community pool. And with strict ordinances on both noise and parking, you’ll know your home is being watched over carefully when you’re not there to enjoy it yourself.

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Zephyr Cove, Nevada

Prefer a larger single family home with sweeping waterfront views? Head to Zephyr Cove. Located on the Nevada side of the state line, these Lake Tahoe homes are not only close to one of the most popular beaches- Zephyr Cove Beach- but also tend to be just a quick drive from the bustling nightlife and many of the main casinos in the area. And should you want a more quaint and quiet moment in the sun, Roundhill Beach is nearby too.

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Glenbrook, Nevada

For a more remote vacation home experience with a country club-like atmosphere, head to Zephyr Cove’s neighboring community of Glenbrook. The high-end homes around here will prove quite effortless for short-term rentals, with all its amenities and attractions like private beaches and an exclusive 9-hole golf course - Nevada’s first. And while this upscale neighborhood may be the furthest from South Lake Tahoe and Stateline, this lakeside community wouldn’t have it any other way.

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From exclusive lake access and country club communities to secluded estates with trails that lead to unexpected joys right in your own backyard, owning a vacation home in South Lake Tahoe will create unforgettable memories for years to come - and that includes for your short-term guests as well. But no matter which neighborhood you choose to own and rent around South Lake Tahoe, ask your local realtor to help you find the best one for you and your short-term rental goals. Should you also need help finding a trustworthy realtor, well, InvitedHome can help with that too. Just give us a call at (844) 550-1642, and our Lake Tahoe rental management team will be happy to share our local recommendations.

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