The Foundations of InvitedHome

"Foundation Bricks"

In the past year, InvitedHome rebuilt itself almost from the ground-up. Our team has worked tirelessly to refine and retarget everything we do. 

Part of the reformation involved thinking critically as a team to answer some tough questions: 

  • Why are we here?
  • What are we committed to doing?
  • How do we want to do it?
Over the course of almost six months, through surveys, 1-on-1 meetings, and group discussions, we created our answers:

Our Why: To elevate and enrich the people and communities we serve.

Our What: To create a profitable, sustainable company. 

Our How: 
  • Treat everybody to their ideal experience.
  • Practice genuine care.
  • Act with trust.
  • Distill lasting solutions. 
Everyone who participated in this process helped build the foundation that will support InvitedHome today, tomorrow, next week, and next decade. Additionally, everyone who lives up to these ideals in the future adds another brick to strengthen that foundation.

We’d like to recognize our teammates who helped build the initial foundation:

  • For submitting a survey with their initial thoughts and ideas: Anna, Lindsay, Justin, Maite, Stacy, Barclay, Vicky, Alison, Amanda, Sally, Kelsey, and Deanna.
  • For joining in 1-on-1 discussions to dive deeper into these tough questions: Justin, Liz, Alison, Alex, Deanna, and Chris. 
  • For taking it to the next level with even more insight: Amanda, Kelsey, Maite, and Alison.

As InvitedHome teammates continue to add more bricks to our foundation, we’ll continue recognizing their contributions:

  • Thanks to Amanda for genuinely caring about her teammates by being the first person to participate in our Foundations program by nominating her peers for recognition!
  • Thanks to Clay and Becki, the teammates nominated by Amanda, for going above and beyond to support a guest’s anniversary celebration by providing extra amenities, fans, linens, and furniture items. With additional hand-delivered flowers and after-hours assistance, Clay and Becky truly treated these guests to their ideal experience!
  • Thanks to Lindsay for working tirelessly to meet a particular homeowner’s high standards, which resulted not just in that owner joining our program, but in establishing IH’s reputation for “knocking it out of the park” in the area. Lindsay’s efforts will surely aid the profitable and sustainable future we’re striving towards!
  • Thanks to Scott M for stepping up and crushing some heavy admin tediousness to set up a new software system. In the words of his teammates, by helping to put a new lasting solution in place, Scott’s contributions are going to pay off BIG!