June 2018 Spotlight

The People ~ Behind InvitedHome

Lorin in Maui

Let's Celebrate ~ Lorin's Brithday

June has rolled around for 2018, and that means so has Lorin’s birthday! Lorin is a Hospitality Specialist in beautiful Maui! Like everyone we know, Lorin loves vacations. However, everyday can’t be a vacation, even if you live in Hawaii, and Lorin does squeeze some work into her life. She says that loves the day-to-day work she does with InvitedHome. She enjoys the people she works with every day and the energy that follows; especially time spent with teammates when they visit Maui!

Lorin says two things come to mind when she thinks about past vacations; one would have to be the many memories from her childhood when her family would vacation in Cape Cod over the summer. Second, was when she took a road trip from Connecticut across the country with a childhood friend. She gave herself seven days and meandered her way throughout our beautiful country camping along the way. Lorin allowed time to see many of the National Parks like Yosemite National Park in California and Arches National Park in Utah. She fell in love with Arches National Park immediately and camped there for the night, enjoying her time in her first National Park west of the Mississippi River! She explained that there were no major bumps or hiccups along the way, except for a trip to the ER after a minor cooking accident – Lorin is fine though, we promise!

One thing that Lorin loves to do is to ride bikes: mountain bikes, road bikes, beach cruisers, Spinning you name it. This is obvious when she described a dream vacation of hers. One day Lorin would love to bike in Europe, specifically Italy and Greece. But biking isn’t where it ends for Lorin; she told us in addition to biking, she would like to pair her passion for biking with cooking classes by region. Biking and cooking in Europe? Yes please!

Lorin thinks there are several “must see” things for Maui visitors to see.

First and foremost, she says that you absolutely must interact with the people of the island and experience the Hawaiian culture. You may or may not have heard of the Aloha Spirit, but Lorin sums it up nicely for us, “It’s all about love, respect, compassion, and understanding others.” The Hawaiian culture doesn’t just include the people on the island in this spirit though, the Aloha Spirit also encompasses a love of the island itself and the ocean that surrounds it.

The second “must see” is Haleakala, the inactive Volcano on Maui. She explained how you can hike into the crater through scenery that some say is like walking on the moon! But Lorin reveals a secret to us, the real way to experience Haleakala is to get a permit to watch the sunrise from the top!

This is a picture of Lorin on the Mahana Ridge Trail in Kapalua, which is on the West side of Maui.

And A Little More Celebration!

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Birthdays

  • Kate | Central Operations Project Manager ~ Support Center
  • Meghan | Quality Assurance Specialist ~ 30A
  • Jamie | Hospitality Services Manager ~ Vail
  • Frankie | Housekeeping Coordinator ~ Telluride
  • Clay | Maintenance Tech ~ Breck
  • Chris | VP of Operations ~ Support Center
  • Corey | Head of Property Operations ~ Support Center

Jamie in Vail & Beaver Creek

Let's Celebrate ~ Jamie's 1-year Anniversay!

We aren’t sure how the first five months of 2018 have flown by already, but we sure are excited that it’s June. And since it’s June, we would like to highlight Jamie’s one-year anniversary with InvitedHome!

Jamie works in the scenic area of our Vail/Beaver Creek location. She came to us from the restaurant/event industry and says the switch in careers was amazing. She loves operations and finding new ways to increase efficiency and productivity. This can easily be seen by the growth of her location over the last year, resulting from her help. When Jamie started with InvitedHome, the Vail/Beaver Creek location only housed five of our vacation homes, but with her help there are now 30 in the area! Jamie helped InvitedHome acquire 15 of those homes within the two-month period of October and November of last year!

Of all the lovely homes we have in the Vail/Beaver Creek area, Jamie says that her favorite would have to be the newest addition, Silver Antlers. She loves the decor, layout, and owners, “are great aspects of the home,” she tells us. When asked what the InvitedHome experience means to her she said she loves the personalization of the guest experience. From the inquiry, to showing homes, to making sure the guest has a seamless experience makes it all feel so connected. While telling us this, she explains how she enjoys personalizing the stay for the guests, helping with special accommodations, like setting up tents in the backyard to ensure that the guests were able to camp with their kids during their stay.

One of our core values that rings true with Jamie is “Vacations are Essential to the Soul.” She appreciates that she found a job that allows her to work (and live!) in a breathtaking location, while helping people plan and enjoy their vacations, as well as encouraging their teammates to do the same. Here at InvitedHome, we practice what we preach, urging our teammates to experience incredible vacations that enrich their lives.

Jamie’s most recent vacation was to San Diego, were her parents and her fiancé’s parents met for the first time – she reassured us it went off without a hitch!

Jamie describes her first year saying that she couldn’t be happier with the growth she has experienced within InvitedHome. She sums it up with three words: “Best. Job. Ever.” Well, Jamie, we are so happy that you became an essential part of the team a year ago and can’t wait to see where you go from here! Happy one-year anniversary!

Here is a great picture of Jamie when she took a backpacking trip through The Narrows last fall in Zion National Park.

More Anniversary Celebrations

This Month's ~ InvitedHome Anniversaries 

  • Lilly | Supervising Vacation Consultant ~ Support Center ~ 4 years
  • Alison | Homeowner Experience Lead ~ Support Center ~ 2 years
  • Jamie | Hospitality Services Manager ~ Vail ~ 1 year
  • Mitch | IT Administrator ~ Support Center ~ 1 year
  • Kelsey | Homeowner Experience Administrator ~ Support Center ~ 1 year