The Telluride Reserve: A Telluride wine festival unlike anything else

A Colorado food and wine festival in gorgeous Mountain Village

The Telluride Reserve

An Unrivaled Pairing

Want to make it down to a Telluride festival this year, but aren’t sure which one would be best? If you’ve already looked through our complete list of every Telluride summer festival and still can’t decide, let us suggest the Telluride Reserve: A newcomer to the summer festival scene that’s making a big splash in its inaugural year.

While the Telluride Wine Festival has been a favorite for 38 years running, The Telluride Reserve hopes to bring a freshness and a new perspective to the traditional wine festival.

“Our goal is to gather culinary creatives and give them the opportunity to share their perspective and their stories with our guests,” said Garrett Brafford, Director of Operations and Finance of the Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association. “We will bring this to life in the stunning locations of Telluride Mountain Village. We are excited to introduce an event of this caliber, which we believe will rival the very best in the country.”

For four days, renowned chefs, winemakers, and wine experts will lead tastings, pairings, specialty classes, and community events in the beautiful mountain setting. A few of these unique offerings include:

  • How to Blind Taste Test
  • Taste and Terroir lunches featuring the wine and cuisine of regions from around the world. These lunches will take place in beautiful private homes throughout Mountain Village. 
  • A tour of Hemingway cocktails highlighted in his books
  • Day drinking 101
  • How to build the perfect antipasti 
And dozens more.

How It Works

This exclusive event has limited space and tickets are selling quickly. Click here to purchases your credentials, which will give you access to:

Cms sabrage

The Sabrage Welcome

Thursday, August 15

This event will take place at 6pm and again at 7pm (limited to 250 guests each) in the Great Room at the San Sophia Station. If you’re not familiar with Telluride, this spectacular venue boasts some of the best views in all of Telluride. Join us for champagne, cocktails, jazz, and a breathtaking sunset scene.

Community Conversations

From 8am to 9am on Friday and Saturday

Meet up with others in town for the event to kickstart your day with a lively conversation on engaging topics led be guest speakers. These events will be hosted by venues throughout Mountain Village and Town.

Cms reserve 2

Taste and Terroir Lunches

Friday and Saturday from 12:30pm to 2:30pm

These events will be the heart and soul of the weekend, when celebrated chefs, winemakers, and wine experts will host 4-course food and wine pairings and share their own stories about the terroir that’s dearest to them. The lunches will take place in a collection of 17 luxury private homes throughout Mountain Village, and will be limited to 30 guests.

Cms reserve 3

The Afternoon Pour

Friday and Saturday from 3:30-5:00pm

Spread out across 10 locations in Mountain Village, these tastings will put on full display the creativity and vision of the Reserve’s chefs and wine experts. It’s the ideal way to take in the afternoon sun that cascades down the San Juan Mountains.


From 10:30am to 11:30am Friday and Saturday

Learn and experience the traditional way winemakers judged the maturity, quality, clarity, and taste of the wines they produce using a small shallow saucer, known as a tastevin.

Cms reserve 4

Bon Voyage Brunch

he Reserve is kind enough to offer three time slots for the farewell brunch at 7:00, 9:00, and 11:00am, depending on whether you’re a morning bird or prefer a later start. Located at the Peaks Resort on the Mt. Wilson Terrace, this is the ideal way to bring the weekend to a close and depart with warm memories of the inaugural Reserve wine and food event.

The Telluride Reserve and InvitedHome

Another perfect pairing

InvitedHome is excited to be a part of the 2019 Telluride Reserve, officially sponsoring the Sabrage Welcome and supplying 17 gorgeous luxury private homes for the Taste and Terroir Lunches. By working together, we've created a truly unrivaled event that brings together culinary mastery and the world's finest wines, all in a setting that can't be replicated anywhere else.

Join us August 15-18 in Mountain Village for this spectacular event, and if you're still looking for accommodation, we do still have availability in our homes that aren't a part of the Reserve. Look through our portfolio of luxury residences in Telluride or give us a call at 970-356-1250. We look forward to serving you. 

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